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Does The Internet Benefit Small Travel Businesses

wpid luxury private jets Does The Internet Benefit Small Travel BusinessesYes, of course it does, but as much as it should?

When you think of the number of travel directories and websites available to travelers you would think that this is a world free of the normal conventions of business but unfortunately it is often bound by restrictions that travelers would not appreciate. Pricing of travel is one of the conventions that are not yet totally free of restrictions and understandably so due to distribution considerations.

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Dog Airline Travel Tips

wpid g4 private jet gulfstream Dog Airline Travel TipsIf your dog is used to car trips, then travel by plane should not create any problem for you or for your pet. If you want to fully enjoy your trip with your canine companion, then you should take into consideration the following suggestions that help you to provide a better trip for your companion and you.

Verify the dog's health before starting an airplane travel trip with your dog. This is not only for the dog's sake, but rather because legislation actually asks for it. It is required from each dog that travels by plane, to be vaccinated and to have no transmissible diseases which will need to be approved before travel. All this must be done within ten days of travel. Make sure you bring an inspection letter from your vet before any sort of air travel.

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