Decreased Service On The Airlines Accompanied With Rising Costs Who Is Getting All This Money

For years many have wondered where the airlines are really putting all the money they are collecting. Even on the outside possibility that operating an airline costs more than we believed, it is almost impossible to figure out how an industry that charges on average $500 per flight could be fighting so badly.As they cut down the amount of service they provide their customers and decrease the number of flights they are making every day, this question comes even further to the forefront and most of the time when the airlines are asked about this issue they claim that the additional cost of airfare is resulting from the fact that the cost of fuel is increasing and the extra security measures are putting a financial strain on them. But when you look at the greater picture these things simply do not make sense.The cost of security is added on as an additional fee onto your ticket and the cost of fuel is actually down from a year or two ago although still there is no relief in sight. The cost of airfare is rising every year and it seems that no matter what, the airlines will look to deviate attention away from where your money is actually going. You might be surprised to learn that it isn't spent on the staff, maintaining safe planes, or on airport improvements.Instead the money which you are passing along to their airlines in exchange for tickets is going to, for the most part, individuals who are lobbying for laws that favor the airline industry and possibly this is the reason why as the cost of airline tickets is on the rise the level of service has gone down the tubes. The concern of the airlines lies in what laws are being passed within the industry and very little of the money that you are paying has anything to do with the service that they are offering to you.Combined the airlines are spending billions of dollars each year on high priced lobbyists to help advance their position and get new law passed that benefit their industry. In fact most of the money that is brought in by the airlines goes to pay for the lobbying that they need to keep their industry afloat but do not worry because the government has offered them plenty of money in return. Ultimately the airlines have everyone over a barrel although it would be really nice if they would give just a little back to those who are flying with them. A little extra service isn't too much to ask for, is it?

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